Find your perfect workout.

Treadmill + Circuits + Stretch

We’ve built a set of original classes, based on our signature conept, so you can take your training to the next level.

50/50 (45 Mins + 1 Hour)

The Project Fit original concept. Half the class on the treadmills, running intervals and half the class on the floor completing full body resistance exercises.

run (45 mins)/Run Endurance (1 hour)

Pure running on a treadmill- A whole mixture of running intervals with loads of variety to improve your conditioning and speed for running.  Perfect for anyone wanting to Run, whether you are looking to tackle your first 5k or you are a seasoned marathon runner.

Strength (45 mins)/Strength endurance (1 hour)

Weight based resistance training, no running involved in this class. Full body workout focusing on strength, stability and injury prevention.

Boxing Rounds (45 Mins)

A combination on boxing sequences with pads and gloves, and treadmill intervals. Fast paced intervals for a great sweat and stress reliever.

50/50 Extreme (45 mins)

For the adreneline junkies, a 50/50 class but ramped up a bit. Crazy treadmill intervals with a whole load of body sculpting floor exercises.

50/50 Stretch

A combination of our original 50/50 concept (30 mins) and our new stretch session (30mins) all in 1 hour. Working on many different aspects of fitness.

Get with the times

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Credit bundles

Single session or buy in bundles for a discount, it’s your pick. Classes are 15 credits each.

Unlimited passes

Once you start project fit, you won’t want to stop. Our unlimited passes are just the job.