Alison Arnold

The classes are always varied and have helped improve my fitness tremendously and lose a few pounds along the way!

Paul Buddle-Smith

I’ve never come out of a class run by Joel feeling I had more to give. If you want to get fitter, improve your shape, then get to one of his classes, you’ll be hooked.

Matt Legg

Whatever your fitness levels, they will always inspire you to go that little bit further. Great motivators at Project Fit; I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

David Freeland

From finding the classes incredibly difficult at the start i was surprised by how quickly my body has adapted, they are always tough and challenging but recovery time has improved a lot. Building from one class a week in june to four of five a week in sept was a big step up but it’s now something that doesn’t feel like a big push. Ben and Joel’s encouragement helped massively.

Lynsey Brooks

Never before have I been so enthused about exercise, and I’ve found muscles in my arms I had no idea existed three weeks ago – though mostly because they are aching.