You vs. your body

Training so hard has never been so easy

Running + Resistance

Training that burns fat, builds strength and betters endurance.

Faster. Further. Fitter.

Full body workouts for athletes of all abilities.

Walker, Jogger, Runner.

Select the speed that suits you. Then take it to your limit.

Introductory Offers

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50% off


You. Better.



Experience higher intensity interval training with a treadmill programme that really ramps things ups


Lift things up to a new level with bodyweight and resistance movements for more muscle mass and funcational strength


Switch between running and resistance in a single class or stick to one discpline for focussed intensity

50/50 Format

Our signature sessions split time between treadmill intervals, and resistance training. Crafted to get your heart racing and your muscles pumped, our original concept takes training to a new level. Choose the challenge that’s right for you, combine cardio with strength, balance things out with guided stretching sessions, or select a single type of training.

Single Focus Sessions

We also offer a range of classes with a single focus, allowing you train exclusively on treadmill or the gym floor. Work towards the goal that’s right for you and push yourself to the limit without deistractions.

Get fit fast

Pressed for time? Now there’s no excuse.


Short, intense sessions for more buzz in less time


50 meters from Bank tube station, so you can train when it suits you


See visible change more quickly with workouts that transform your body


Great changing facilites for a quick turn around

The three rules of Project Fit

You vs Your Body

Run with heart

Get yourself up and running with High Intensity Interval Training on treadmills. Remove yourself from the distractions of the city and run indoors like you’ve never run before. With workouts fine tuned for maximum cardio impact, we will make sure you get the most out of every step. Up your efforts to up your endurance in classes that push you to the limit.


We complement cardio with full body resistance training. Our original concept class, the 50/50, alternates between the treadmill and the gym floor. Bodyweight, suspension straps, dumbbells and all kinds of kit are adapted to activate major muscle groups. Keep your heart rate high, and build strength with these compound movements. Once you’re done, unwind in one of our extensive stretching sessions for an extra boost to your wellbeing.


We have put everything you need into the Project Fit programme. Workouts exploit cardio and strength exercises to maximise metabolic impact, so you can burn more calories and make more progress. You will find the structure and motivation transform your body like never before. It doesn’t matter where you are at the moment, we can help you take your training to the next level, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.

Pick your pace

Walker, jogger, or runner, Project Fit is for anyone who wants to get a real kick out of their training. You get to pick the speed or resistance that’s right for you but then there’s no hiding. Our coaches make sure you can complete the right variation of the exercise to get the maximum benefit. We keep classes small and a close eye on what you’re up to so there’s no slacking, whatever level you’re on.

Fit for purpose

Our unique training space works on many levels. Purpose built to make sure you get the most out of every second of your workout, our top end kit is arranged to balance your time between treadmills and our resistance training area. Club lighting and banging beats make sure you are pumped up before the workout even begins.


What they say when they’ve tried it.

Lunges & Lycra

A freaking ridiculous endorphin buzz my friends, that is what you get!

The Guardian

Hands down, Project Fit is the hardest thing I’ve done for ages…If I did Project Fit regularly enough, I’d soon be in the shape of my life.

The Financial Times

One no-frills, no-nonsense, hard-core workout

The Telegraph

It is hard. Really hard. ..I leave on a high….I can see myself becoming obsessed with this - in fact, as I leave, I sign up for the next one.


This place has one goal and one goal only: to get you fit

The Gym Tripper

A fitness challenge like no other


As the name suggests, this place has one goal and one goal only: to get you fit

The Daily Mail

My favourite class

Lynsey Brooks

Never before have I been so enthused about exercise, and I've found muscles in my arms I had no idea existed three weeks ago - though mostly because they are aching.

David Freeland

From finding the classes incredibly difficult at the start i was surprised by how quickly my body has adapted, they are always tough and challenging but recovery time has improved a lot. Building from one class a week in june to four of five a week in sept was a big...